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Jimmy & Jane with Pam St Clement at the 2013 Good Funeral Awards

Jimmy & Jane with Pam St Clement at the 2013 Good Funeral Awards

This week we’re big-upping the work of Good Funeral Award Winners, Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris, who won the 2013 award for Best Internet Bereavement Resource.

Jane and Jimmy produced the film Say Their Name on the invitation of The Compassionate Friends in the UK.

It’s a film that celebrates life and love – and explores coping with loss and grief.

“It was after the funeral that it really kicked in for me,” says Jane, talking about the loss of her son Josh. She and others share their experience of coping with the death of a child; the trauma, the disbelief, the confusion, the heavy drag.

Here’s what others say:

“Wow that is brilliant. It’s so hard to get messages across to families that I work with sometimes because they are experiencing the beginning of this agonising process.  I hope that I can use this short film in my work. That footage has really helped me especially today since yesterdays funeral of a 15 year old girl so tragically taken is fresh in my thoughts.” Claire

“One of the most moving pieces of film that I’ve seen and utterly deserving of multiple awards in testimony to the powerful truths spoken by the parents we saw.” Fran Hall, Chair of the Natural Death Centre

“Really beautiful work – to showcase such articulate storytelling and promote remembrance.”   Kathryn Edwards

“I was with each parent and sibling, deeply listening to them name and remember their loved one. It’s a good thing, this.” Kate

In the film, contributors talk openly about loss, share their pain, support each other. And encourage us to say their name. So let’s.

Jonny Jessica Oliver Mason Arvind Billie Alice Tamzin Adam Nikki Robin and Joshua

Good Funeral Awards 2013 – the winners and the runners up | The Good Funeral Guide

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