What future funerals?

The Harris-Edmonds family find their own way to say goodbye to son Josh, by organising his funeral themselves.

Thanks to Jimmy, Jane and photographer Fred for permission to use this picture from their website, Beyond Goodbye.

Where are we going with funerals?

Around 75% of funerals these days are delivered by celebrants and are highly personalised tributes to celebrate a life and mourn a loss. We’re holding informal get-togethers and invite anyone interested to join the conversation. We’ll be in London on 13 December and Glasgow on 18 January, 3-5pm each day. Get in touch to find out venue details or to be kept in the loop.

For some families, traditional funerals have lost their meaning and don’t provide enough opportunity to interact. Attendees can feel more like passive bystanders than active participants. Having a more active role in the organisation or the ceremony can be a salve at a painful time. Building in rituals give family and friends a chance to express themselves and pay tribute in some small way.

Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris went for this option when their son Josh was tragically killed at 22 in an accident. “We organised the funeral ourselves without recourse to a traditional funeral director,” said Jimmy, “and what immense value that was as we struggled to come to terms with our loss.”

Final Fling recognises this need for personalisation. We want to work with funeral directors and celebrants who can support families with their choices.

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